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Friday, February 14, 2020   /   by Nicole Solari

The Most Loved Home Features in the U.S.

Which feature made you fall in love with your current home? Was it the view? The in-ground pool? Or was it the in-law apartment that sealed the deal? According to a new analysis by realtor.com®, the most loved home features vary from state to state.
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Realtor.com analyzed their keyword home search data to determine what the most popular home feature searches were in each state. Some of the results are perhaps unsurprising, like in Oklahoma—which sits in Tornado Alley—the most loved home feature is a storm shelter. In environmentally-conscious California, realtor.com found "solar" to be the most-searched home feature.
"While some of the country's most-loved home features, such as accessory dwelling units or lakefront properties, will likely fetch a premium on the open market, others are more matters of the heart," says George Ratiu, senior economist at real. ...

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