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Wednesday, March 15, 2017   /   by Nicole Solari

What are you giving up for Lent?

Depending upon your religion, you may or may not actually observe Lent.

Even if you don’t, you’ve probably heard about people “giving something up for Lent”.

It’s pretty common to hear that someone is giving up eating meat or sweets. It could be drinking, smoking, or any number of things.

Whatever someone gives up is supposed to be something they like, want, or enjoy…something they feel they can’t live without.

It’s noteworthy because nobody really likes giving anything up. It’s often referred to as a sacrifice.

And many people who do try and give something up for Lent spend a lot of the time struggling with not being able to have what they gave up…what they want. That’s totally understandable and human.

But, part of what giving something up is supposed to achieve is to help someone realize and appreciate the joy, abundance, and things that they do have in life…not to focus on what th. ...

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