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Tuesday, August 23, 2016   /   by Nicole Solari

Should You Wait Till After The Election To Buy Or Sell Your Home?

The 2016 election season has been one of the most divisive presidential races in this country's history and unfortunately, that unrest has been something of a wet blanket on the housing market nationally. While many areas in the nation have enjoyed a boom market, the sense of unease and nervousness has convinced many Americans to wait before buying or selling a home. This is not a new scenario for our country, even in years with less chaos and uncertainty, Realtor associations nationwide have noted that consumers tend to be more cautious during an election year.
The question is: Should prospective sellers and buyers hit the pause button during an election year?
A recent study showed that housing prices tend to drop slightly, approximately 1.5 percent,
during an election year. But even if that is the case, many real estate experts agree that consumers shouldn't feel the need hunker down until after the show is over and a new president is chosen. The fact is that real estate e ...

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