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Wednesday, September 21, 2016   /   by Nicole Solari

How a Good Real Estate Agent Can Help You Sell Your Home During Divorce

Why selling a home is a good decision during divorce

Most experts claim it is time to sell your home when you go through a divorce. It can help you tackle some of the most crucial situations the easiest way possible. This way, you don’t let things complicate further and get into an even worse situation.

Selling the home

Selling the home during a divorce is not much different from selling real estate during normal times. However, the former must follow a carefully laid out groundwork on who gets what after the sale from the proceeds.

While a real estate agent will help you sell the home for a fair market value when you follow his or her advice, you must in the first decide how the money will be divided amongst you.

The decision over the equity is best done with the help of attorneys. They shall thoroughly go through the history of your marriage with regard to the property and would also consult a few real estate appraisers.

You must first have a good . ...

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