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Friday, December 9, 2016   /   by Nicole Solari


Stumped about how to make your home stand out at the holidays for all the right reasons?
You don't have to clean out Home Depot's inflatable character aisle to make it festive. A few tips can take it from plain to just plain amazing.
1. Highlight your architecture
Have some great architecture to work with?
"Edging the roof, windows and doors makes your home's own charming features stand out big time," said House Beautiful.

2. Take advantage of your landscaping
Net lights make decorating so easy your little kids can do it, and when laid out over hedges, they bring a festive look with minimal effort and expense. If you have trees in your front yard, wrapping the trunks in net lights brings the beauty without the pain of having to weave lights around individual branches. Hanging icicle lights or snowflakes from random branches is a great finishing touch.

3. Spread the love
Gates, fences, front porches, and walkways are great opportunities to extend your décor and call a ...

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Thursday, December 1, 2016   /   by Nicole Solari

Get a Letter from Santa!

Every year, children all over the world write letters to Santa hoping that he will receive their letter and grant them their wishes. Imagine the excitement if your child were receive a letter from the big man himself, specifically addressing them? This year Nicole Solari and The Solari Team helps make that excitement happen and guess what? It is FREE!
Here is all you need to do:
– Complete the form below. You will be required to fill in a few pieces of key information about the child (or adult) you want to have a personalized letter sent to.
– Once you have completed the form, hit submit and our team of elves will take it from there! We will craft a letter specifically for your child and mail it directly to their home.
Please note:– Only one child per letter is accepted, but you may request letters for as many people as you like! Co-workers, neighbors, grandchildren… anyone you think needs a little Christmas cheer!&nd. ...

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