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Friday, October 14, 2016   /   by Nicole Solari

Five Places to Inspect in Your Home

Our homes require regular maintenance, both to protect our personal safety and to avoid costly repairs. Here are five of the most important items you should check in your home.

The fire extinguisher: It’s recommended that you keep at least one fire extinguisher on every floor. You should also keep one in the garage and in the basement.
Staircases and banisters: A loose railing or banister could spell disaster. Regularly check your stairs and the accompanying railings to make sure they’re secure.
Smoke detectors: Be diligent about testing your smoke alarms (and carbon monoxide detectors) and replacing batteries. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month, and batteries should be replaced at least twice a year. A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries when you adjust your clocks for daylight savings.
Electrical outlets: Outlets in kitchens and bathrooms should have a “test” button. It ...

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Friday, September 16, 2016   /   by Ashly Morrow

12 Ways to Baby Proof Your Home on a Budget

Baby proofing (or childproofing) is all about avoiding preventable accidents and minimizing the risk of injury to your child. You don’t need any fancy gadgets or high-tech devices. As a matter of fact, most of the items you will need are very inexpensive and easy to find.  Just follow these 12 tips to baby proof your home.

 1. Don’t Wait to Get Started

Waiting until the last minute can be stressful! One of the easiest ways to save money on your baby proofing project is to get started early. You want to have plenty of time to do your research and find the best deals.

2. Place the Crib in a Safe Area

You should carefully choose the location of the baby’s crib. All window treatments, electrical cords and loose strings should be kept as far away as possible. You even have to be careful leaving the cord of the baby monitor too close to the crib.

3. Lock Cupboards and Cabinets

Many people store cleaning supplies, medications, detergents and othere ...

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