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Tuesday, March 10, 2020   /   by Nicole Solari

Your Guide to Buying an Accessible Home by Patrick Young

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Your Guide to Buying an Accessible Home

Buying a home is often a long, stressful process. But for people with disabilities who require accessible housing, finding the right place to live is even more difficult. According to PD&R Edge, fewer than five percent of houses in the United States could be deemed truly “accessible” for someone with moderately limited mobility. The majority of homes do not have the right modifications in place, and finding an affordable, accessible home can be very challenging.
Thankfully, there are resources to assist people with disabilities throughout the home buying process. And with certain renovations, previously inaccessible homes can become comfortable spaces that are much easier to maneuver around. Here are a few helpful tips for purchasing and modifying a house with accessibility in mind.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

Every home buyer should take steps to get pre-approved for a mortgage, and. ...

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